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About CFiarrow

The CreativeFuse Initiative (CFi) is a service-based, non-profit organization, whose mission is to serve creativity in all its forms. By facilitating meaningful "creative fusion" between all aspects of our fractionalized global community, CFi supports its mission through the development and retention of our world’s creative resources.

CFi was chartered in June 2009 as a 501(c)(3) charity intent on serving local communities everywhere. Currently, CFi's conditional headquarters are in the city of Dayton, OH, and all CFi creative services are intentionally non-proprietary, non-competitive and as close to "at cost" as possible. CFi's unorthodox service delivery mechanisms are also focused on the minimization of overhead and the elimination of traditional executive entitlements.

As part of its creative mission, CFi serves as a transparent connector for a number of revenue-generating service organizations. The most active of these is the non-profit equivalent of a traditional advertising agency, a disciplined design firm whose mission is the supervised connection of professional freelancers with businesses, non-profits and arts organizations in our community. CFi's non-profit creative agency does not compete for business and has no financial goals.