Meet Jake: Our Digital Experience Lead

Jake Emser outside in downtown Dayton, OH with hand drawn illustrations around him representing his interests.

He is passionate about teamwork and building long term relationships and oh golly is he excited about leading the charge on digital marketing. Meet Jake, our Digital Experience Lead.


Jake has been working in the digital marketing space since 2015. He’s done everything from performing market research for SEO to forming brand strategy for companies to executing marketing campaigns and more. One of his greatest strengths is analyzing data and providing recommendations to improve approach and produce better results. 

He also has a knack for creating photo and video content. See some of his work at

A Little About Jake

Through the process of getting to know Jake, we realized one thing that stood out above everything else, his tenacity. He was patient with us, but adamant about learning more about us and a little over a year later we brought him on to the team.

After just one week, Jake has already shined:

  • Ambitious and driven
  • Sociable and funny
  • Fast and reliable – his ability to adapt quickly has already stood out
  • Curious and humble – he hasn’t been afraid to ask questions, share observations and gain knowledge from those around him

Q&A (The Fun Kind!)

We asked Jake a few questions so you could gain some insight into his character. Here goes!

I love to snowboard, drink beer, and watch sunsets. I’m really down to do anything that is outdoors. I just love to get outside and be with people!

Favorite Food
I love burritos.

Favorite Movie
Inception by Christopher Nolan. I love getting into the details of movies that make you pay attention and think about what is going on. Not to mention I love Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They are so great together in Inception.

Looking Forward

When asked, “What do you want to say to companies?”
I’m excited to work with you! One of my favorite things is growing with clients and becoming friends as we work together.

We’re stoked about what we’ll learn from Jake and the additional foresight, work ethic and passion he’ll bring to our projects!


Let's throw some frisbee!