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Life-long friends, partners and a true sense of the word "integrity"

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"CreativeFuse provides custom solutions rather than a broad answer. They are always personable and transparent!"

— Lauren White, Co-Owner

Oh my gosh, we love these peeps! From the first time we sat down together at Ghostlight, we knew there was an inexplicable connection between us. Not just through the organizations, but on a personal level too. So much so that we decided to partner with them to co-create Nucleus together, along with Liftoff Entertainment and Virtuojo. This launched us into a variety of projects together over the next few years, and ultimately lead us to developing their new brand and website, as well as their very own Indigo Life TV online network

How do you brand and launch a new online tv network?

Their new brand was a ton of fun to develop! Andrew and Lauren, founders of Indigo Life, have such dynamic and powerful personalities, so we strived to capture that essence and create a brand that could stand alongside them. Once this was in place, we quickly moved into developing their new website, and then onto the online network. Which, if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and spend some time watching a few of the series they’ve created!

After vetting this idea to bring focus on the local community of Dayton, we began where any smart person would, we studied and researched the big players of online tv: Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Youtube, etc. We attempted to survey more localized examples and ones that were fairly new and personalized. We drew from the best elements, and of those, the ones that resonated with Indigo Life’s vision the most. From there, we collaborated with them through a series of sketches, wireframes and prototypes to ensure the very best quality. The coolest part was having the opportunity to complement their already awesome video content with intentional design decisions. We performed plenty of user testing early on in development and worked out some initial kinks. Of course, there are always things to be done and improvements to consider (we still have a long list). But we felt great about creating a Minimum Viable Product (or Minimum Valuable Product, as our friends at Sparkbox call it) that could serve as the launchpad for their new online tv network. And in typical fashion, Andrew and Lauren asked for the launch of the site to be a part of a huge celebration bash they threw at Table 33 with hundreds of folks invited. Uh, no pressure, lol.

We cannot say enough about these human beings, but just know they are making waves in the world and their insatiable desire to foster community is truly inspiring!

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