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A fantastic first impression for a shiny, new building

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"CreativeFuse is a dynamic branding agency that focuses on finding the right 'fit' for their clients with its talent pool. With its combination of passion, creativity and commitment to embedding themselves in their clients' worlds, they truly help companies take their brands to the next level. If you're looking for a progressive, relevant and creative marketing partner, CreativeFuse is the way to go."

— Hayley Botkin, Vice President of Metro Accounts

How do you introduce a new brand to your company?

When LION decided to move to a new facility, they wanted to take this opportunity to really showcase their full suite of products and services. We contracted with them to design, develop and install a series of wall displays, wayfinding signage and posters throughout the top two floors. They were planning to have customers walking through on a regular basis, so they wanted to be sure it made a big impact from the moment they walked in. We delivered by starting with an all-encompassing 40’ product showcase mural and massive halo-lit acrylic logo as you first enter the lobby. From there you’ll find a number of more specialized graphics that cater toward their different audiences, as well as highlight their near 100-year company history.

Since the facility build-out, we’ve done a variety of other projects as well. From collateral and videos to package design, and trade show backdrops to additional facility signage at some of their other locations, it’s been a fun journey to say the least!

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