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We turned a big ol’ gub’ment acronym into one word: success

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"I’ve led the development of dozens of brands over my career, but the process employed by CreativeFuse in developing the Kinematic brand was the best I’ve ever experienced. Their team effectively integrated feedback from a number of diverse partners – with very different perspectives – and created exactly the right brand for the program. From the brand design, color palette and typography, they exceeded our expectations at every step of the process."

— Scott Koorndyk, President of The Entrepreneurs Center

The Entrepreneurs Center, in conjunction with the Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), wanted to launch a new technology acceleration program called SBIR-TAP. The program curriculum was outstanding, but it was lacking a real name and a way to communicate it effectively to the right audience. Enter CreativeFuse 🙂

How do you rebrand a technology acceleration program working with a large group of people across three organizations?

The biggest challenge we faced was identifying a new name for the program. It needed to evoke a certain feeling with the constituents, one that would give them a sense of propelling them forward, and in the right direction. We also had to work with several teams of people. We never counted exactly, but we’re pretty sure it was over 20 people. The key to working with so many people involved was identifying a solid communication channel and a primary point-of-contact depending on the phase of the project. And all along the way bringing everyone together for review and discussion.

We ended up creating our own word when it was all said and done: Kinematic. Once we had a solid name in place, we developed the remaining brand elements, including the logo. In the end, the brand name Kinematic had to be patient (at least for now). In lieu of this we worked with TEC and WBI to create a spin-off,  hands-on transition accelerator website, workbook and curriculum in place for their first cohort.

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